Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Lull in the Action

Do you hear that? It's quiet at Cotterman Chaos. OK, so not really, but there is a lull in the action. Both football and volleyball finished up this weekend. The Midget football team finally won a game this year. I am so proud of CJ and all of his hard work.

Paige's volleyball team got beat in their first game during their league tournament, , but Paige really had a great game with 5 aces and 3 saves. Probably her best game this year. I am so proud of all her hard work. She is now debating about whether to play basketball or not. We really would like her to, but she is not so sure. She has a week to figure it out. Noah is planning on wrestling this year. We are trying to find a basketball program for him around here, but so far no luck. CJ's cousin Bryan is the coach for the wrestling club here, so we will probably give in.

Emma was thrilled to take a friend to dance last week. She took her new best friend Kiah. Kiah actually dances at another studio, so she really caught on fast and seemed to have a great time. The night was topped off by a trip to McDonald's. She is trying to decide what to be for Halloween. Everyday there is a different choice. We are really going to have to narrow it down soon, or we aren't going to be anything abut a fussy three year old. Noah is going to be a skeleton.

The "player to be named later", now formally known as M&M, is really getting the hang of life here at Cotterman Chaos. Freddy and Frieda have learned the hard way that he has really sharp claws and Smokey is learning to tolerate him. Poor thing barely gets his feet on the floor most days as both Emma and Garrett carry him everywhere. He loves to sleep with just about everyone, and has become our alarm clock because he thinks it is time to play every morning at 5:30!!

Trying to get the kitchen done before the weekend. Takes a lot of time in between coats of paint on the cupboard doors. But I love the outcome!!! It is really looking so much more me! I know that sounds so weird, but I spend so much time in the kitchen, that I want it to reflect me. Next project will be the scrapbook room/toy room. We are going to have to move Emma's toys back downstairs, as her room is so small that a twin size bed and toys can't all fit at the same time. This is where the whole organizing thing comes in. We really need to pare down to those things that we really need and love. This will be a work in progress as we all have collected so many things it is hard to decide what is most special to us. I'm hoping to get my friend Jim, the very talented woodworker that made my cubbies, to make me some shelves to match, which should help considerably. To start, this weekend we will be on the lookout for a new computer desk, as ours is broken beyond repair.

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