Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Fall 2007

Things are as busy as ever her at Cotterman Chaos. We had an eventful summer. Chasing diamonds (baseball, softball) and was capped off by a fantastic trip to New York City. I will post pics and info on that later. Everyone really enjoyed the pool this year, and we loved having friend over to BBQ.

Emma is having a great time in Preschool. Loves riding the bus and making a lot of new friends. Not so sure that the Preschool is ready for her, as she is used to being in charge, and is a bit of a diva. But I am sure they are up to the challenge. Emma has started dancing at Becky's. LOVES wearing her "dancing dresses". In fact it is hard to get her out of them. We cut about 5 inches from her hair before school started. It made her look so grown up. (Yes, I cried.)

Paige is adjusting well to life in Junior High. We allowed her to get a cell phone, and so far she has been really responsible with it. She has begun babysitting for a few of our friends. She is building quite the reputations as a fun, yet responsible babysitter. We are very proud of her. Maybe having all of these siblings wasn't so bad after all. She still struggles a bit in school, but seems to be keeping up well, and her grades continue to climb. She liked playing volleyball this year, but has said that she "kind of misses" Cross Country. She has just started her 10th year of dance at Becky's. She too cut quite a bit from her hair. Said she was ready for a change. What I don't like is that I can now see "eye to eye" with her. I swear I'm shrinking every year.

Noah has spent the football season as the "hydration specialist" for CJ's football team. He is so excited that he will be able to play next year. He spent this fall running Cross Country for the Powell Elementary team. Really liked the competition. Once again he is doing really well in school, and seems to like every subject. Hopefully this will continue. He is following his Falcons and Buckeyes and was able to go see the Falcons win a couple of weeks ago. This boy eats, sleeps, and breathes football. I think I'm going to be in trouble.

I'm as usual very busy at the Emergency Room. We are getting busier and busier every year. We are also short staffed so a lot of extra time has been placed. Recently I decided not to work so much overtime as I was losing time at home and with my husband. While the money was nice. It can't compare with being at home. I am spending the next year organizing our home so that not so much time is spent looking for things, and more time is spent together. CJ is helping my getting some of the most beautiful "cubbies" made for the back room. Just this first step in our reorganization process. We are also painting and updating our kitchen. Not a big project right now. Just biding our time until we can knock out some walls.

Our family has grown by leaps and bound in the last couple of days. The kids now have a hamster named Pooh. And we adopted another kitten, as yet unnamed. This brings the grand total to: 2 Bassett Hounds (Freddie and Frieda), 2 cats (Smokey and the player to be named later), 1 hamster, and two fish (we had five, but something or someone keeps killing them off, Smokey perhaps?)

Well, on to do more sanding in the kitchen. It is my plan to get the cupboards sanded today so that I can start painting them tonight. Pics to follow.

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