Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The New Year Begins

The "Perfect" first day photo: Noah 5th Grade, Emma 1st Grade, Paige 10th Grade

Well, today is the day. First Day of School. The house is quiet for a brief period of time. We love the fresh eager faces as they wake up at 5:20 am and wonder why they can't leave right then for school, knowing that a month from now we are threatening to spray them with water if they don't get out of bed. It is the start of the year for us. Really all of us moms, and teachers, knew it all along anyway. No matter what the calendar says, the first day of school is really the start of the new year for us.

Today we begin the process of re-organizing our homes, lives, and children's bedrooms, You know you will do it to friends. What mom has not taken the opportunity of their children being gone, to clean out their toy box, closet, or under the bed? If only our children knew what joy we take in knowing that at least for a little while there shall be no science experiments fermenting, no mysterious smells emitting, no more lonely socks just hanging around. Today mom's are able to take a deep breath and and not wonder, "What the #$%! died in here?"

So today my fellow mom's, enjoy the peace and quiet. Make whatever you want for lunch, watch whatever you want on the TV, make all the lists you need to to get yourself organized, enjoy the full can of Diet Coke that you got to finish. I give you permission to stay in your jammies all day if you want. Please take this opportunity to re-charge your batteries and find things that might inspire you. There will come a day when all of the chaos of "First Days" are long but a memory and you will be wondering what to do with yourself.  You will be a much better mom for it, and will enjoy your kids more as well.

But remember, as soon as that door slams this afternoon :

The reality of Cotterman Chaos
the chaos shall return and your life shall be full of whatever treasures your kids have in store for you.