Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cotterman Chaos - Fall 2006

Well, another busy fall has just seemed to fly by. Hard to believe that we are already 1/3 of the way through the school year. The kids are doing very well in school this year. Paige is a member of the Safety Patrol and is having a great time being the "senior" at the elementary school. She says it is really great being able to boss the younger kids around and get away with it. She is getting great grades this year. She is being tutored three days a week which I think has been a big help to her. She has always struggled with reading and comprehension and it just seems to be coming together for her this year. She has be come the social butterfly and is involved in a lot of things at school. Basketball season has begun, and we are into another year of dance. Hard to believe that she has been dancing for 9 years. Her goal is to dance for 10 years and then concentrate on sports. I think that is wonderful. Some exciting news from Becky's School of Dance. Paige's dance team has been selected to go to New York City in late June to take classes on Broadway!!! She will spend a day with the Rockettes as well. We are so excited. Mom and Dad are planning a rock, paper, scissors competetion to decide who gets to chaperone.

Meet our Aunt Gin. She turned 70 this past September. We celebrated by having a party for her at her church in Dunkirk. She has cerebral palsy yet lives alone. She does have a few good friends that help her out, but is pretty much independent. She is a great role model for our kids. She is alway laughing and enjoys a good joke. The kids just love her to death. We like to tease her about being a "Hardin County Hillbilly" and she just takes it in stride.
Emma is having a good time. She is becoming quite the diva. She loves sunglasses and anything girly. She calls sunglasses her "eyes" and wears them all of the time. She is learning to count and knows most of her colors. She has no interest in potty training at this time, much to my dismay. My goal was to have her trained before Xmas, but I'm not sure that is going to happen.
Paige had a great season in Cross Country. She bettered her own times in each race. We had to have a talk with her a the beginning of the season as she would wait for her friends to that they could finish together. We explained to her that cross country is not a team sport and that it was all about her. At her competition at Lake she helped a 5 year old that was crying through the whole race. We can't fault her for being kind. It is wonderful to watch, but we're not sure this kind of sport is for her.
Noah just loves football. We again got to go see the BGSU falcons play at home this year. He just eats it up. I think it is in his blood. He tells me he loves the smell of a football field. (Mom can't wait to smell those practice socks, NOT) He had great season as waterboy, but he gets upset that he can't play yet. He is doing very well in school. Brings home perfect papers in every subject all the time. He says he is bored. I am so grateful that is doesn't have to struggle that way Paige has. I do expect that it will get a little harder for him as the year progresses. He will start basketball soon. He has decided that he does not want to wrestle this year. He is also having a great time having his dad as his Cub Scout Leader. Posted by Picasa

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